Happy birthday month, Liberators! First, we want to take this opportunity to thank every person who is a part of this exceptional community of over 130,700 holders that build and support our projects during this time.

We prepared an exclusive NFT collection as a gift for our supportive Liberators with advanced passive income features that were ever built: 1.5% BUSD DAILY EARNINGS WITHOUT DEPOSIT LOCKED!


You may want to try your hand at these exclusive NFTs soon as your passive income could not be any better!

And Here is How it works

💰At Libera BUSD Miner, everyday, there is 1 opportunity to deposit 0.2% of TVL (~1800 BUSD) to instantly win 200% of your deposited amount. So 300% of your deposited amount will be instantly credited to your account’s accumulated deposit. You also get 49.6% more thanks to ‘new deposit buying power incentives’ on the 248th day in Miner (0.2% more buying power everyday for new deposits).

💰As a result, you get a total of 349.6% your deposited amount, or your ROI time is 3.49 times faster than normal. But this prize is limited, only 1 opportunity a day and requires 1800 BUSD deposit to participate in.

💰Now the entry requirement is just $300 thanks to NFTs. When you purchase an Libera Angels NFT using 300 BUSD or an equivalent amount of LIBERA-BUSD LP, we will combine the fund you used to mint NFTs with other users and deposit into WIN IT NOW to earn x3.49 times of the current BUSD daily rewards at LIBERA BUSD Miner.

💰The yield at LIBERA BUSD Miner is 3%* BUSD daily & the recommended strategy is to compound for 6 days and claim 1 day a week. Which means your claimed reward is 3% a week. Now with Libera Angels NFT, your claimed reward is x3.49 of 3% a week, equal to 10.47% weekly, 1.5% daily and 100% ROI in 67 days! After the 67th day breakeven, you will earn risk free 1.5% BUSD daily!

(*These are expected yields because the 3% daily reward at LIBERA BUSD Miner can be automatically changed depending on players’ actions. The more users deposit the higher the daily return and the more users claim the lower the daily return.)

💰It’s such a sure bet deal at LIBERA BUSD MINER with 900K USD TVL, running for 247 days straight and still counting! With a new capital flow from LIBERA ANGELS NFT, the miner life will extend more and more, attract new users and ensure the longevity of the project

💰Another layer of profit is that your NFTs can be sold on any popular NFT marketplace anytime. No need to worry about having your deposit locked up for months to get yield!

⏰Less than 4 days and our minting LIBERA ANGELS NFT will start with limited NFTs available on Feb 08. Prepare your bag & your internet for that launch day!



Libera — The world’s first Triple passive income & Hyper Deflationary token listed on Centralized Exchanges (CEXes)

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Libera Financial

Libera — The world’s first Triple passive income & Hyper Deflationary token listed on Centralized Exchanges (CEXes)