BUSD Garden Smart Safety Mechanism

🤯BUSD GARDEN - New TVL heights for 29 days straight

As you know the voting on “A new mechanism to increase the longevity of Libera BUSD Garden” is still going and will finish today ( https://snapshot.org/#/liberofinancial.eth/proposal/0x1212dea64fc2e942a65156a281970af501216d9919445cfb56a6ea00867cea9b)

We respect our investors decision and whatever the result of the vote, we will follow it. But let us analyze the reason why you should support this proposal.

Normal Miners: collapse when a large whale group withdraw at their 200% ROI time ( day #60 according to our project’s calculation). Real example happened last month:

- In WC Miner, 2 whales withdrew $300K of $430K BUSD TVL, seeing this, in 30 mins everyone panic withdrew, leaving TVL at 0 and most of the investors lost their whole capital.

- In Wealth Mountain the TVL was drained from 2.4 mil BUSD to zero in just a few hours, everyone lost, few whales won.

Libera BUSD Garden: Introducing Smart Mechanism against whales draining the system’s TVL, giving all investors (including whales) the best chance to earn and win.

This is a smart auto-activated brake that slows down APR when the contract computes and foresees that whales may drain the TVL in 20 days time. If the contract find-out this risk, it will gradually reduce the APR of the already in-profit investors and this mechanism will increase the time needed for TVL draining. So no whale can drain the system and a TVL crash event like mentioned above is not likely to happen.

As a result, all investors have at least 60 days instead of 20 days to continue earning and decide on their best strategy:

- For investors who have not reached 110% ROI: continue earning 3% to 10% BUSD cash daily, and quickly turning profit. This earning rate is now higher than already-profit users’ earning rate.

- For whales and already profited investors: From 110% ROI point, they have already made good profit, and can still continue to earn 50–100% BUSD APR in cash every day, right in the middle of this bear market where BUSD APR is less than 7% in most staking sites.

- Attracting new investors: this mechanism brings more opportunity for new investors to join the system and apply their best strategy to earn, because the TVL will keep on growing, which in turn is beneficial for everyone, and extend the earning time frame further.

So Libera BUSD Garden’s New Smart Mechanism is beneficial for the whole system since money will keep on coming in, everyone has a fair chance to earn, and enough time to choose their optimal strategy to win.

This unique mechanism sets Libera BUSD Garden apart from all other miners in the market, and is the next leading innovation that shows our dedication to bringing the best benefits to all members that have invested in Libera’s project.

Your vote now will make the final decision for us to take this great step forward.

Thank you for your participation, and your contribution is highly appreciated to build this profitable & sustainable project together!



Libera — The world’s first Triple passive income & Hyper Deflationary token listed on Centralized Exchanges (CEXes)

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Libera Financial

Libera — The world’s first Triple passive income & Hyper Deflationary token listed on Centralized Exchanges (CEXes)